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iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will have 4G LTE chips

We have been reading about these rumors for along time now, and yet, we dont seem to have been tired of it. When Apple announced the iPhone event a couple of months back, everyone thought that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4S turned up and it dint have a 4G LTE chip on it. This has been very disappointing. Now though, there is a news from a trusted source, the Japanese publication Nikkei Business, that the next year’s iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will both have 4G LTE chips in them.

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Longer iPhone 5 and thicker iPad 3, more rumors

We have got more rumors today about the coming products from Apple, the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3. To begin with, lets see what we have on the iPad 3 front. We have had heard before that Apple was going to have a higher resolution display than the iPad 2. That obviously needs more resources. One of those resources is the light bar. It was told earlier that the iPad 3 will come with two light bars to support the higher resolution. Today, DigiTimes confirms that the iPad 3 will either have a dual-LED light bar, or two single LED light bars. Having two light bars has increased the thickness of the iPad 3 by 0.7 mm as compared to the iPad 2. So, you are getting a thicker iPad 3.

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The iPhone 5 was real

Before the iPhone 4S had been announced by the Cupertino based tech giant, Apple, we were being flooded with all kinds of iPhone rumors almost everyday. We were pretty sure that we would be getting a new iPhone, the iPhone 5. But we did get a new iPhone, but it was the iPhone 4S. Even though it did bring a lot of good stuffs to the table, it has been a disappointment to a lot of iPhone fans. But today, we are getting another news that there was indeed an iPhone 5 in Apple’s sight.

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Will you wait for the iPhone 5? What are the reasons to wait?

Apple has successfully announced the iPhone 4S and it has already become very successful. Almost all of the online pre-orders are full and carriers are asking people to go wait in miles-long queues in front of the stores to get their iPhone 4S. Some believe that the iPhone 4S is going to be one of the best selling products from the Apple stable. This is somewhat true.

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iPhone 5 caught on video

This video is about to go viral on the internet in the next few hours. The video shows a phone which looks a lot like the iPhone 4, but has an edge-to-edge display and a thinner bezel, like the ones the iPhone 5 rumors suggested. If you are thinking this is a fake, its comparatively easier to edit an image, but its very difficult to make a mock up video as real as this one. This could be the iPhone 5.

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New Twitter event rumor hints iPhone 5 launch

If you are still not tired of the whole iPhone 5 rumors, here is something new that would, I guess, excite you. The Next Web is reporting that Twitter is hosting a event on October 10th in London, and another one on October 12th in New York. Wondering what this has to do with the iPhone 5 launch? Read on.

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iPhone 4S shows up on AT&T’s internal software. Is it fake?

We have all seem a lot of rumors about the iPhone 4S phone that Apple is poised to release in the coming weeks along with iPhone 5. But unlike iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S is supposed to be a redesigned and retooled iPhone 4 which will be low on specs and will not be able to do as many things as the iPhone 5 will be able to. The New York Times even confirmed a few days back that Apple is working on a low end phone.

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A new iPhone 5 is coming

There are countless number of rumors out there about the next big thing in the tech industry, Apple’s iPhone 5. We have seen so many leaked images of the iPhone 5, but we still dont know how exactly it looks or what exactly it has inside it. But I guess, somewhere in the blogosphere, there was a legit iPhone 5. May be this is why there is a “new iPhone 5″ coming in a few weeks.

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Sprint will release the iPhone 4 in October, iPhone 5 next spring

A new rumor has surfaced and according to that, Sprint will release the iPhone 4 in the coming month, October. Yes, you read that right and I’ve written that right, we are talking about iPhone 4, a rumor about iPhone 4. It sure seems something unexpected when you are flooded with rumors about iPhone 5.

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iOS 5 to reach the assemblers in about 2 weeks

The rumored iPhone 5 announced is supposedly nearing and Apple needs to get things going. At least this what the blogosphere and Apple fans believe. It would have been really good if Apple had backed this feeling with just one official announcement of the iPhone 5. But as per our knowledge now out of all the rumors from a few months, Apple is supposed to make the official announcement later this month or early next month.