Why You Need to Understand its Technology First and Then Use LED TV

 LED TVHave you been impressed by the latest models of LED TVs present in the market nowadays and are interested in buying a brand new one for your home? It would be better to try andunderstand the Led TV technology first if you are planning to enjoy services such as DirecTV offers and packages on your brand new TV set. You won’t like it if you spend comparatively large sum of your money on something that was not that important to have. 

Since its inception, LED TV technology has created much hype and excitement among manytechnology fans. Samsung was the first company that brought LED TV technology to the market when it launched the Samsung 7000 TV series.   

What is LED TV Technology?

As you may already be well aware, the term LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. LEDtechnology is not new. It has been in use for several years now. Off late, this technology has been started to be used for televisions.


The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TV technology uses CCFL, which stands for Cold Cathode Florescent Lamps. They make use of matrix of lamps to create picture on their screens. Youshould be aware that LED TVs do not have matrix of light emitting diodes in them for the same purpose, but they are types of LCD TVs, which use light emitting diodes as a light source.

To understand in simple terms, LED TVs are LCD TVs that make use of an additionaltechnology. They are different from OLED TVs, which are true LED technology using TVs. They make use of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) to self illuminate their displays.

Currently, there are two types of LED TVs in the market:

·         Back-lit Model: It contains several LEDs present at back of the TV panel. They help in                  creating the display.

  • Edge-lit Model:  It uses LEDs as light source, which are present at the edges of the TVdisplay screen.

Televisions with edge-lit LED screens are slimmer and lighter as compared to back-lit models, which require much space behind the television panels. But, it is no mystery that both these models use much more advanced technology than a normal LCD television set.

LED TVs- Much Improved Versions of LCD TVs

Now that it is easier for you to understand that LED TVs are same as LCD TVs, but with advanced technology, you will be able to comprehend how this new features helps improve the television viewing experience. Let’s see how this technology has improved the following important areas.

Improved Picture Quality

A simple LCD TV or Plasma TV does not give good color quality experience as compared toLED TV. It is unable to show a pure black color which, as a result affects all other colors. Theuse of LEDs in form of light source, instead of florescent lamps in LED televisions has overcome this problem. They are able to show the purest whites and blacks on the display screen, improving and making your availed DirecTV offers and packages much more enjoyable to view.

Environment Friendly

The edge-lit model of LED TV consumes much less electrical power as compared to normal LCD televisions. It not only reduces your electrical bill every month but also is much friendly to the environment.

Much Slimmer and Lighter Models

There is no doubt that fluorescent lamps do emit light, but they have several issues. Firstly they take up a lot more space as compared to LEDs in LED TVs, and secondly due to all this the TV set results in being much heavier. LED TV technology models are not just slimmer but are lighter as well. These features have led to the increased ease at which television sets can be mounted on the walls. You can buy a separate wall mount kit and hang your LED television set on your room’s wall.

Additional Benefits

When it comes to LED TVs, you get several accessory options. With few additional productsyou can use your LED television screen as an interface for your computer. You can enjoy online streaming of movies on a much larger screen. Other than this, the latest LEDtechnology TV sets come with attached USB ports which help you in viewing your USB drives content on a much larger screen.  

All in all, buying a LED TV is not a bad option, but it is necessary that you understand whatyou are buying when you spend all your hard earned money.   

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