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Need for Speed Most Wanted
Top console games often get mobile ports and Need for Speed Most Wanted is no different. This is a premium app, costing 4.99 to download from the App Store and it is currently only available for iOS.

However, your money goes a long way since you get a game with some class-leading graphics, plenty of cars to race and a good variety of modes to enjoy. Plus if I sell my mobile and upgrade there should be some cash left for buying new apps.

As the name suggests, this game involves quite a lot of running away from the cops and you can also collect cars as you go about your business, amassing a good collection. Playing this on the iPhone 5 is advisable since it looks great in the new widescreen resolution.

Band of the Day

This free app is ideal for music lovers who want to discover new acts without having to ask in-the-know mates or consult popular sites and blogs.

Each day you get the chance to stream various tracks from a single band free of charge, as well as being able to find out background info on the group in question.

The interface looks great on IOS devices, although sadly there is no Android version at the moment. Band of the Day is free to download and if you have a Wi-Fi connection or data allowance, also free to use.

Xbox SmartGlass

Microsoft’s new SmartGlass app for Android and Windows Phone allows Xbox 360 owners to control their consoles from their smartphone of choice.

It is far more impressive than the previous offerings because it lets you control the action within new apps like the Internet Explorer service, as well as being able to type using the onscreen keypad rather than having to manually select each letter individually using the clunky controller input.

The app is free to use, with an interface that mimics that of Windows Phone even if you are using it on Android, which is a nice touch. It lets you launch games, search your Xbox for content and even get social with friends, all of which is most welcome.

Pocket Warwick

Fans of Ricky Gervais’ most recent sitcom Life’s Too Short, or indeed anyone who has seen parts of the Harry Potter or Star Wars franchises, will probably be familiar with Warwick Davis.

This perpetually cheerful actor has now made his very own smartphone app, with both iOS and Android versions available free of charge.

It basically puts you in charge of looking after a miniature on-screen version of Warwick himself, blending elements of game play from The Sims and those little Tamogochis that used to be everywhere.

The download will not cost you anything, but there are things you can buy from within the app to enhance what you can do to keep your Pocket Warwick happy. It is charming, uncomplicated fun.

You should not limit yourself to just downloading a few recommended apps, because the software ecosystem for modern smartphones is so vast that it deserves to be explored on your own.

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