Why the Quality of Facebook Fans Matters More than the Numbers

Social media networks, especially Facebook is hard to measure when you’re trying to see the effectiveness of a recent campaign or strategy. It can be very easy to ignore the broader dimension and wider impact of your activities online. The social media metrics, like Twitter followers or Facebook likes can offer you a high degree of insight, although these should never be used in isolation.



Is It All About the Numbers?

In this era of social media, when there is too much emphasis on getting more subscribers, followers, or fans, it is easy to feel a bit worried about ramping up your social connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. The question is should you really focus on contracting a large quantity of people? Are thousand fans or followers better than hundred? It comes down to the old debate- quantity vs. quality.

The supporters for quality say it’s less about the numbers, and more about the amount of influence you’ve over those fans. The advocates of quantity argue that more connections, followers, and fans provide you with more people to pay attention to your post. For any business focusing on a specific niche, from consulting company, property management firm to a retail store, it’s more important to identify the users or clients interested in your focal area, and then connect with them.

Numbers Do Matter After All

The number of followers are still counted for many reasons; the larger the groups of fans and followers, you’ve more people to hear your point. Though not everyone would be interested in your focus area, still they may know those who might be interested. The public perception also accounts; if you go to someone’s account and see that the person has 900 followers and following just 9 people, you may think of joining the group of followers; however, if the person has only 9 followers, but following 900, your perception may change somewhat. It’s quiet natural that you want to follow someone who leads the group of many, not just ten or less.

The Complexity of Managing Large Numbers

Having a large group of fan following you or your brand could be challenging; if you are managing the account alone, not using any automated tools, you may find it hard to respond to queries or messages pounced upon you, provided should you manage to generate large number of fans. In such cases, you need to find a better solution to scale your communications. Plan it in a better way, like scheduling the post on regular basis, at least 2 times a day to remain active.

It is no secret that social media can considerably boost your SERP rankings and get you enough traffic. The interactions that are focused around your blogs can be the result of increased exposure through social media approach. Track the amount of external links you receive at least once in a week to afford a wider impact measurement. You can as well automate some posts via tool, ensuring that you check those posts and reply to questions and posts very often in order to keep your fans interested by interaction on a regular basis.



The Bottom-Line

Be it a small or large number of people, to be effective in social media marketing, look for 100 to 500 followers who speak positively about your work and promote it amongst their own fans. So on the issue of effect of getting more fans on Facebook: quality vs. quantity, perhaps the conclusion is that it’s best to go after both, but in a smart way again. Create a social media strategy that is developed to reach mass audiences, while looking for ways to engage a few fans in a strategic way. But, if you don’t get targeted visitors, then your campaign could become quite ineffective.

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